Phoenix 67


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Technical details
Year: 2016
Time to build: 7 months

Frame: HD - 
Modified by CustomNorth
Handlebar: CustomNorth
Gas tank: CustomNorth
Front fender: CustomNorth
Rear fender: CustomNorth
Front fork: Marzocchi + NLC 
Swing arm: custom mono NLC

Exhaust: Akrapovic

Bodywork: CustomNorth

Paint: Mitch Art
Seats: CustomNorth

Head Lamp: Custom LED

Rear Lamp: Kellerrmann

Drive Line
Engine: HD Night Rod

Carburettor: Modified for supercharger 

Gearbox: Original
Primary: Original
Secondary: Original

Front Wheel: 4,5 x 18

Rear Wheel: 10,5 x 18

Front Tire: Metzeler 140/70/18
Rear Tire: Metzeler 300/35/18

Front Brake Calipers: NLC 6 piston
Rear Brake Calipers: NLC 6 piston
Front Brake Discs: TB
Rear Brake Discs: Breaking
Handlebar Controls: Original + Rick's
Foot Controls: TB



CNC supercharger components

CNC housing of light

fitted supercharger ( + 40% HP)

fitted new computer PCV

Special designed air baffle


air suspension