Black & White Bagger


Technical details

Year: 2011
Time to build: 5 months

Frame: Original with modification by CustomNorth
Handlebar: CustomNorth
Gas tank: Original with modification by CustomNorth
Oil tank: Original
Front fender CustomNorth
Rear fender: CustomNorth

Rear Bags: CustomNorth

Front fork: Original
Swing arm: Original
Suspension: Original
Exhaust: Original with modification by CustomNorth
Paint: MitchArt
Seats: CustomNorth
Head Lamp: Original
Rear Lamp: CustomNorth

Drive Line
Engine: Harley Davidson Street Glide (production year 2007)
Carburettor: Original
Gearbox: CustomNorth
Primary: Original
Secondary: Original

Front Wheel: CustomNorth 3,5 x 23
Rear Wheel: CustomNorth 3,5 x 16
Front Tire: Avon Cobra 130 - 23
Rear Tire: Avon Venom 150- 16

Front Brake Calipers: Original
Rear Brake Calipers: Original
Front Brake Discs: Rick's 13"
Rear Brake Discs: Original
Handlebar Controls: Ness
Foot Controls: Original